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BIM for concrete contractors

An accurate 3D BIM model delivers benefit at every stage of the construction process. Quantity take-off is fast and accurate, giving you better estimates. To save time and money, reducing site errors is important.



BIM as a golden opportunity for concrete contractors

Flexibility, accuracy and fast modeling keeps you ahead of competition. Concrete contractors benefit from successful planning and fast and accurate quantity take-off. This results in making profitable, realistic tenders. Using an information-rich model will optimize and fully facilitate these processes. Correct usage of available building information will benefit the intended results. The process of creating, managing and sharing this information as a contractor is decisive for the level of success and profitability of the project.

Tekla Structures for concrete contractors

Estimate, plan and manage concrete pours better with quality information and constructible models purpose-built for the needs of concrete construction. Tekla software allows concrete contractors to reduce their risks, improve productivity and ensure smooth progress on site with unique information management tools and constructible concrete models. From preconstruction to on-site management, Tekla offers a complete solution for concrete contractors. 

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