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Enhance your skills with our training

Whether you're new at BIM or an experienced user: there's always room for improvement! Enhance your skills with our accessible training programs and get the most out of your software. Thanks to many years of BIM experience, our specialists know how to get a novice up and running, but also how to surprise advanced users with unknown tricks and features. We offer several trainings for the products we sell and for the major industries we serve. Which trainings are available depends on your country, contact an office near you for more information.


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In many parts of the world, the construction industry suffers from a shortage in personel. Therefore, many governments offer grants to trainings in this industry. This often means a considerable refund of training fees. Check your local regulations to see whether subsidiary arrangements apply to your training program.


We have a certification program for Tekla software. After taking the exam, you may call yourself a Certified Professional Tekla User. The certificate proves that you are skilled at Building Information Modeling with Tekla. This gives you an advantage on the labour market, but also enables your employer to show the professionality of their staff and their services.

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