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BIM for the precast concrete industry

For prefab conrete suppliers, the efficiency of the production process largely determines the profitability. Using BIM can bring about a more efficient preparation and production process, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from the trend of increased use of prefab in constructions.



An integrated process with BIM

A streamlined and complete preparation process results in efficient fabrication. By integrating the design and detailing with project management and fabrication, BIM optimizes the entire porcess. You can manage constructable changes, provide alternative solutions and you are always on top of your profession. This way, you are choosing the result that is the best fit for your company. Reduce waste, share information, manage logistics and storage use, plan production and coordinate the installation site, all in the most efficient way possible.


Tekla Structures for the precast concrete industry

Tekla software boosts the entire precast workflow from bidding to delivery. 3D visualizations and presenting alternative solutions help precast fabricators win more successful and profitable bids. You can detail all kinds of structures, manage fabrication, plan erection and find potential problems early before fabrication. Tekla integrates design and detailing with manufacturing and project management: the software interfaces with production management systems (ERP) and automation machinery.


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