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BIM for structural engineers

Contemporary building structures challenge todays structural engineers. Flexibility, accuracy and efficiency in modeling is undeniable. Designing structures, devise solutions and documenting in the most efficient way, that’s where you create customer value.



Way better than just engineering

Integration of modeling with design and analysis is a powerful combination to deliver a valuable contribution to a project. Using the created model information consistently will reduce the space for error to a minimum. The quality and accuracy of the structural engineering information significantly improves using Building Information Modelling. Several free to use software tools facilitate project communication and stimulate an open way of collaborating.


Tekla Structures for structural engineers

Tekla Structures make structural engineering productive and profitable. Whether you need to undertake structural analysis & design, produce professional calculations and construction drawings, or provide full detailing services, it is all available at your fingertips. From concept design right through to final design, you can achieve an optimized solution, manage changes efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with your project team.


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