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Design steel connections with IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa is engineering software dedicated to structural design and code-check of joints, cross sections, beams and other details. You can choose from IDEA StatiCa Connection, Detail and Concrete & Prestressing.


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Key benefits

Integration with other software

IDEA StatiCa is directly integrated with Tekla Structures and other global static analysis software.

Any typology

There are no limitations in the number of connections in a node or their type and way of connection. 

Any load

IDEA StatiCa analyses all loads. The node check takes into account interactions with all beams and connections.


The whole proposal and review process is fast enough to be a part of your daily work all over the world.

All IDEA StatiCa products

Application IDEA StatiCa Connection can design all types of welded or bolted connections, base plates, footing and anchoring. It provides precise checks, results of strength, stiffness and buckling analysis of a steel joint. Bolts, welds and concrete blocks are checked according to EC/AISC. Templates for most-used connections are available as well as wide range of predefined hot rolled and sheet welded members.

IDEA StatiCa Detail deals efficiently with all parts of structure also known as discontinuity regions such as walls, dapped ends, openings, hangings, brackets, and areas above supports. It provides precise checks of concrete and reinforcement strength, stresses and strains. These results are visualized for a better understanding of the details of structures.

IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing enables a practical design of all reinforced concrete, prestressed and composite members, cross-sections and details. Structural checks comply both ultimate and serviceability limit state requirements, including deflection check considering cracking. Structural analysis of precast members and bridges is performed as a time-dependent analysis concerning construction stages.


What IDEA StatiCa product are you interested in?

We're not the only ones excited about IDEA StatiCa

Once you have used the software for a while it becomes quite intuitive and therefore much easier to use. It is very powerful in terms of the complexity of connections that it can cope with.


Paul Heathcote | Director
Abacus Design Associates Ltd

We originally used IDEA Connection only for complicated nodes. With templates, we began using the software for even easier joints, because the graphical outputs help us to sell our work.


Pavel Stibor | C.E.O.
Promstal engineering

IDEA Connect makes it possible to calculate strength and rigidity even for extremely complex cases where hand calculations are impossible, and other software fail.


Peter Buffel | CTO Engineering
TRACTEBEL Engineering

Demo or contact?

Curious about the possibilities of IDEA StatiCa? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your company, illustrated by a demonstration. Fill out the contact form to make an appointment.



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