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Analyse and design with Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer gives engineers the power to analyse and design buildings efficiently and profitably. It enables you to create a single physical, information-rich model that covers all your structural and design requirements. The software includes features to automatically optimize concrete and steel design, and to quickly compare alternative design schemes.


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Key benefits

Transparent design

Fully transparent design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, including composite members or members containing stiffeners and web openings

Efficient loading

Applying load in Tekla Structural Designer is extremely easy due to automated wind loading engine and intelligent floor loading

Fast and easy design changes

The same model is used for both analysis and design. Any change can therefore be managed easily, maximizing profitability and efficiency

One product, one interface, one model


Structural Designer automatically generates an underlying analytical model from the physical model. Explore its behaviour with the powerful FiniteElement (FE) tools. Full building wind loads are automatically calculated and applied to your model, just like all the other lateral loading required by the design. 


The software provides a fully automated model and achieves an optimized design for all rebar within the beams, columns, slabs, flat plates and walls. It also optimizes the steelwork, including composite beams, columns, US joists, trusses, braces and plated sections. Aditionally, you can easily create alternative schemes to find the best solution.


Structural Designer automatically produces accurate and detailed documentation including calculation reports, material take offs and drawings. The calculation reports are linked directly to the model, so they update automatically.

Designed with BIM in mind

Tekla Structural Designer has been developed to help the design engineer maximize collaboration with other project parties, including technicians, fabricators and architects. It enables you to integrate the physical design model seamlessly with Tekla Structures or Autodesk® Revit®, and to round-trip without compromising vital design data. The auditing tools highlight exactly what has been added, changed or deleted during integration. The model can start life in Tekla Structural Designer, or alternatively in Tekla Structures or Autodesk Revit.


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