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Design and analyse with BuildSoft

Buildsoft is advanced software for design and structural analysis of reinforced concrete, steel and timber constructions, according to Eurocodes and American standards.


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Why choose BuildSoft?

Easy to use

Buildsoft is very intuitive and approachable, even if you do not use it on a daily base. Your learning curve is short - guaranteed.

High performance

You are assured of high-speed performance with minimal memory usage. Perfect for simple 2D models as well as complex 3D structures.

Great support

We have many years of experience in various code standards and structural analysis. We answer your questions.

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Fast and efficient strength & stability verification of steel structures with Diamonds: industrial or agriculture halls, roofs, trusses, frames...



Floor slabs, foundations, rafs, walls and 3D buildings are calculated with Diamonds: reinforcement, cracked deformation and cracked widths



Wooden trusses and beam grids are not a problem for Diamonds. The calculation includes strength, stability, and creep.



Easy steel connection design with PowerConnect: tubular connections, moment connections, column bases and shear connections.

2200+ customers

use BuildSoft software in more than 50 different countries.

30+ years

of experience in structural design analysis and design codes.

75% customers

have a maintenance or subscription contract.

3000+ students

register every year for a free educational license.

We're not the only ones excited about BuildSoft

Using BuildSoft Diamonds, we can realistically calculate the deflections of the concrete floors, taking into account the creep and the practical reinforcement layout. This type of analysis is of great importance for successful and carefree execution.

Phil Melard
AB Associates Engineering

We build structural analysis models to reflect how we want the structure to work. BuildSoft Diamonds is a very intuitive software that makes it easy to build structural analysis models that work as they should, and that deliver results quickly.

Hanne Van Beurden
BAS Engineering office

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