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BIM for building contractors

As a contractor, risk management and successful planning are key activities to deliver great buildings. It all starts by making profitable, realistic tenders and win them. After that collaboration, planning and execution will be the order of the day. Using an information-rich model will optimize these processes.



Manage risk, plan for successful construction execution

The right usage of available building information will benefit the intended results. The process of creating, managing and sharing this information as a contractor is decisive for the level of success and profitability of the project. If you detect and avoid problems before construction begins, you minimize expensive delay and rework. 

Tekla Structures for building contractors

Tekla software supports your construction coordination, quantity and cost estimation and scheduling and sequencing. The constructable building information is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date. Tekla's construction design software helps contractors manage risk and plan for successful construction process. Design insight and project predictability from preconstruction to execution delivers more effective planning, coordination and control.


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