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CADMATIC empowers from design until operation

CADMATIC increases business efficiency in the plant industry by optimizing design, engineering, production, construction and information management processes throughout the entire life cycle of investment projects. 


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Why choose Cadmatic?

Unmatched user experience

The software was designed by engineers, for engineers. The result is an intuitive package that empowers you to focus on design, CADMATIC automates and does the rest for you.

Powerful, yet easy to learn

CADMATIC is easy design software to learn, compared to packages with similar capabilities. New designers can learn and start working with the software within 2-5 days.

Distribute design work easily

CADMATIC has the most efficient project distribution system on the market. It ensures seamless internet-based and offline sharing of 3D models regardless of location. 

Data-driven plant engineering

CADMATIC maximizes the automation of data
handling. This shortens project lead-times, improves 
data quality and eases change management. 

Increase business efficiency by optimizing processes

CADMATIC products come with the promise to improve profitability of your organization. We offer two separate Cadmatic products: 3D plant design and information management software. Using the plant design tools for globally distributed projects ensures that you seamlessly involve the best design teams from all over the world. The information management software complements the design solution and allows owners and operators to use project information beneficially throughout the investment's lifecycle. CADMATIC software reduces investment and operating costs, shortens lead times, improves quality and increases profits in globally distributed working environments.

Key benefits

Speed up processes

CADMATIC offers design tools for fast creation and modifying of models, the automatic creation of construction data and efficient sharing of information. 

Reduce costs dramatically

Reduce your costs by increasing quality and efficiency, better change management and the ability to start up production facilities faster than ever.

Reduce errors

Prevent problems with the clash check, efficient dataflow between construction and design and automated production of construction documensts. 

Discover Cadmatic

CADMATIC 3D plant design
is a solution dedicated to 3D modelling complete industrial projects.

3D plant design


CADMATIC information management offers tools to get the most out of your engineering data assets.

information Management

3D plant design software

The CADMATIC 3D plant design solution is dedicated to 3D modelling of complete industrial projects, the creation of P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) and the generation of isometric drawings, as well as design review and data sharing in different formats. CADMATIC plant design includes 3D layout, piping design, structural design, HVAC and ducting, electrical design and the possibility to use point clouds directly from laser scanners along with the automated extraction of drawings, construction data, as well as customizable MTOs and BOMs in various formats.

The intelligent integration between P&IDs and the 3D plant model makes design efficient and error-free and provides topology and connectivity checks. The distributed plant design solution enables the participation of the best specialists around the globe in your projects and seamless project sharing across entire engineering networks.

Information management software

A vast amount of information is produced and collected at all stages of a project life cycle. It increases exponentially as the project progresses and evolves when the project status changes from a concept to design and construction, asset management, and maintenance. The 3D model has a central role and serves as the best window to all project related information and as the digital twin of the project. The CADMATIC information management software offers various tools like eShare, eGo and eBrowser to review 3D models and get the most out of your engineering data assets.


Combine, visualize and share project
and asset information in a web portal


Take the 3D model and 2D drawings with
you on a tablet and sync it with eShare.


3D viewer and collaboration tool that allows to view the whole digital model.

We're not the only ones excited about Cadmatic

All the largest wastewater treatment plants in Finland have been designed with CADMATIC. A very important feature of the software is that it has sufficient capacity to deal with large projects. Their piping design features are truly world class.


Petri Poikonen | Planning manager
Finnish Consulting Group

We are very pleased with the software development. New features are developed continu-ously. The eBrowser looks very promising and gives us options in communicating design data that corresponds to our high demands for efficiency and quality.


Peter Askenryd | System Admin

CADMATIC’s online clash detection feature helped us to identify and resolve issues as we worked. Considering the advantages CADMATIC software provides, our management has decided to use CADMATIC for all our future projects.


Pankaj Shroff | Director
Shroff & Associates (Engineers)

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