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There is an easy way to stay up-to-date on how to use the Building Information Model software to its fullest capability for your company needs. Learn the latest tips and tricks on relevant topics with the free Tekla webinars. Interact live with experts during the webinar broadcasts or view the recording on demand.


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Underneath you will find all English webinars with tips for using Tekla and information on other relevant topics. Rather be informed in your own language? Contact a local office near you to hear about their webinars and events. Many offices organize ways to share knowledge with professionals in their own area.


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  • How your precast production benefits from constructible models

    In this webinar, you will hear how your precast production processes can benefit from a model-based approach.

  • ReEngineering Structural Concrete Detail Design

    The challenges in concrete construction are common; aggressive schedules require high quality detailed design and clear design communication delivered in budget. Constructible building information model-based structural concrete design and rebar detailing offers a strong competitive advantage and now Tekla structural software streamlines the design intent to detail design workflow.

  • 2021 precast

    Tekla Structures 2021 - What's new for precast?

    The new Tekla Structures 2021 brings productivity and workflow improvements for all phases from early conceptual design to detailing to planning and managing precast production.

  • 2021 CiP

    Tekla Structures 2021 - What's new for cast-in-place?

    This webinar will provide you with an early look at the newest features and improvements of the Tekla Structures version 2021. From temporary works, rebar to project management, we will cover What's new for Cast-In-Place related workflows.

  • 2021 Steel

    Tekla Structures 2021 - What's new for steel?

    Tekla software continues to evolve - always listening to our users feedback, comments and suggestions. Please join our sneak peek webinar to hear about the latest developments relevant for the steel fabrication and construction industry.

  • 2021 egineers

    Tekla Structures 2021 - What's new for structural engineers?

    The new Tekla software for 2021 provides more productivity improvements for all structural materials and project types. The new version supports project managers, engineers, draftsmen and detailers working on the core engineering tasks and delivering productivity benefit downstream to fabrication and construction.

  • Precast webinar

    Dazzle with Beautiful Precast

    In this webinar you will get ideas how software can help you produce new types of concrete finishes, reveals, bricks, ornate details, and more!

  • A Pour Focused Approach to Concrete Construction

    As construction timelines shrink and design information continues to be incomplete, concrete teams must have a solid plan of attack. A transition from a 2D to a 3D mindset gives greater insight for all stakeholders. In this webinar, we will be presenting the DPR Construction pour focused approach to concrete construction and how this approach can be leveraged to improve your projects.

  • All things general arrangement drawings

    In this webinar we will cover some of the tools and methods available in Tekla Structures to provide clean, clear documents from models. While this presentation will have a heavy Steel focus, these tools and methods can be used by engineers, concrete contractors, and anyone who needs to create drawings from their Tekla models.

  • Peak efficiency with Trimble Connect and Tekla Structures

    Trimble Connect Business is now included in your Tekla Structures subscription and maintenance. In this webinar, we'll review how Trimble Connect can assist in streamlining workflows and processes easily into Tekla Structures. 


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