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BIM for the timber industry

The current market asks for short delivery times, collaboration with other parties and flexibility with changes. Using consistent, up-to-date information is crucial to meet these needs and still be profitable. BIM supports this, by using the same detailled model in all phases of the design and construction process.



The role of BIM

A BIM model contains all relevant information needed from bidding to erection of a timber project. All timber disciplines are virtually merged together and checked for possible clashes. This way, error-free production models can be realized, filled with information of all construction areas. Using this data-rich model as a basis for the entire workflow makes it easier to work together and be flexible.

Tekla Structures for the timber industry

Tekla software lets you bring new efficiency to the timber production workflow. It integrates with architectural, structural engineering and other solutions and production planning systems, working for both detailing and producing all building structures. As Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible, you can create a detailed, constructible 3D model of any timber structure from roof or wall elements to unique and complex timber structures.


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Solutions for the timber industry


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