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Share or import content with Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse is a free Tekla Structures BIM storage where you can find, import, install and share content both internally and globally. Tekla Warehouse aims to make it easy to produce high-quality models efficiently.


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Download several types of content

3D model products

3D model products are objects with fixed geometry, for example embeds, formwork, and accessories

Custom components

Custom components are Tekla Structures native objects with fixed or parametric geometry


Several parts are available, like profiles, shapes, materials, bolt assemblies, rebars, and meshes

Applications and templates

Download model templates, drawing setups or applications that interact with Tekla Structures

Work more efficiently with Tekla Warehouse

With Tekla Warehouse you can use content from online collections, share content with your colleagues using network collections, and utilize local collections for private use. Inserting ready-made content speeds up modelling and using actual suppliers’ parts in your models leads to the highest accuracy and exact material information for planning and procurement. Tekla Warehouse offers several types of content and is continuously increasing. 

Tekla Warehouse connects directly to Tekla Structures, making it easier to take content into use or upload it. You can select content directly from your model and also insert content directly into the model without needing to hassle with import/export. All needed files can be included in the same content item, such as a custom component or a profile, to ensure that things work as intended.

Tekla Warehouse for suppliers

Manufacturers can make their products and applications available to users, who take the exact 3D product models straight into their Tekla models and later use the physical product in construction. This gives users accurate and correct information and provides manufacturers with a competitive edge. Tekla Warehouse facilitates in making your products and relevant information in 3D easily available to a big number of BIM users.

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