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Work together with Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Model Sharing is a BIM collaboration tool that allows users anywhere in the world to work together on one model, also with users in a different organization. Model Sharing decreases the chance of mistakes and saves time because models no longer have to be merged and checked manually. Different from the multi-user technology, Model Sharing works with a central model to which only the changes are uploaded. 


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Why choose Tekla Model Sharing?

Only synchronize changes

Work with your own local copy of the model and only share changes instead of the entire model. This way, you can work offline most of the time.

Secured data

Your data is secured and you can easily manage access rights to the model. Also, subcontractors do not need to access your company network.

Easy team management

Team members can work on the same project regardless of their location. Bring in as many people as needed to speed up the process.

Tekla Model Sharing video

Waste no time on loading and saving master models


Waiting for others to save their progress can be a real time consumer. Discover how you can work independently of others with Tekla Model Sharing. 



Watch in just 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Get started with Tekla Model Sharing

Easily get started with Tekla Model sharing with a free 3-month trial. There are a lot of short tutorial videos and eLearnings available for an easy start or find 24/7 online support in Tekla User Assistance. 



We're not the only ones excited about Tekla Model Sharing

Model Sharing means that your company has infinite engineering and modelling capabilities just one click away. The model is always up-to-date so everyone knows what is happening.


Kees Oudshoorn | Lead Engineer
Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk

Model Sharing is not only useful when designing constructions. An insight into the three-dimensional visualisation of the model is very handy in the production process and on the construction site.


Marciej Jaros | Design Modeling
CES Polska

Our decision to work with Tekla Model Sharing has given us a way to work with more complex constructions which were very difficult to work with using the traditional method.


Zdeněk Vít | CEO
Skála & Vít

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