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Advanced building analysis with ConSteel

ConSteel provides a structural analysis software for the design offices mainly involved in constructions of steel and composite structures. It covers all the phases of the design process, from modeling to analysis, examination and documentation. The analysis and design approach treats the 3D structural model as a whole during the complete process.


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Key benefits

Design optimization

Model is precisely adjusted to the real behavior of the structure

Minimize errors

Automatic verification of resistance and stability of structural elements

Powerful calculation tools

Buckling analysis implemented in the calculation engine

Advanced stability verification

Set the shape of buckling modes as global imperfections

Modeling with ConSteel

Section libraries and macro sections

Cross sections can be loaded from comprehensive cross section libraries or can be defined with the macro section editor. In the macro section editor you can built up steel, reinforced concrete and composite.

Wide range of structural members

Several types of structural members can be used for modeling your structure such as beam, column, plate and wall with arbitrary shapes and holes, diaphragm, rigid body, point and line support. 

Various load types

Several load types are available such as point, line and surface load, temperature load for bar and surface, prescribed displacement and tension force. With the load transfer surfaces, surface loads can be placed on line members also.

Fire effect & protection and automatic wind load generation

Fire effect and protection can be set for steel members, you can choose from various insulation materials. Wind load can be automatically generated for structures. If necessary, internal pressure can be added automatically to the wind load.

Analysis with ConSteel

ConSteel offers a great variety of calculation possibilities, including:

  • First and complete second order analysis
  • Flexural-, torsional-, and lateral-torsional buckling
  • Local buckling analysis of slender steel members built from shell elements
  • Static and dynamic eigenvalue analysis, buckling sensitivity analysis and earthquake calculation based on elastic response spectrum.

Examination with ConSteel

Steel design

ConSteel implemented an Intelligent Design Procedure (IDP) for the most efficient steel structural design. The IDP automatically identifies the proper design situation with all the necessary code check formulas and parameters based on the cross section, member and complete model results and design attributes. 

Cross sections

The Intelligent Design Procedure (IDP) identifies the design attributes of the cross section and the section components (type, stress distribution and class) and defines the section evaluation accordingly. The automatic cross section classification consideres each section component (flange, web, etc.).

Stability check

Stability is one of the most import, but also complicated, checks. Therefore ConSteel provides a multilevel solution method for safe and economic results. With the general stability method, all possible complex buckling types can be checked. The member check examines the stability for single or a group of members.

Composite design

Composite structural members can be checked with ConSteel. Resistance calculation of composite cross sections is based on an inhomogeneous general solid section model, in which the exact contribution of all components is taken into account when calculating properties, stresses or design resistance parameters.

Results and documentation of ConSteel

The results of the performed analysis are usually a huge amount of data, so the efficient handling of it has great importance. In ConSteel there are two main possibilities for demonstration of the analysis results: graphical visualization of the results on the model and result tables.

ConSteel provides a mutlilingual documentation module in order to create precise, easily editable static documents that meet the requirements of structural engineers and all the other members of the project. It's also possible to directly export your model to Tekla Structures and StruCad.

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