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Model frames in 3D with Construsoft Window

The frame industry is confronted with BIM more and more, but until now there was no software available to model frames in 3D and manage all preparations and machine controls, all in one program. Therefore, Construsoft developed groundbreaking software for frames, in cooperation with specialists from the carpentry industry. A complete program to easily manage the entire process from modeling until production.

Herewith, BIM turns out to be an improvement that saves manufacturers time and money. Current Construsoft Window users speak of time gains up to 50% in the communication with the contractor.


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Why choose Construsoft Window?



Complete solution

Working inside one software program with one database from request up to delivery

3D modeling

Create frames quickly and easily in 3D


Generate views, production drawings and machine data directly from the 3D model

Practical features serving your needs

Construsoft Window enables users to model frames in 3D, just as fast or even faster than in a 2D program. While creating the frame, you can also model dynamic components such as racking, hinges and locks, cavity laths and sills. The software is programmed to facilitate the working process, therefore elaborate knowledge of the components is not necessary. For instance, the glass -including BIM information and ventilation- are automatically generated according to the applicable standards.

After modeling the frames, reports like planes, contramalates and abbreviated states can easily be generated and customized as desired. You can also control your machines very efficiently, there is no need for the user to intervene when controling certain machining centres.

Live in the production environment

After years of develoment and testing in several environments, the software is now available and operational at several carpentry factories - with convincing results. This is because Construsoft Window not only offers BIM functionalities, but also enables the user to manage production drawings, orders and machine controls from the same program.Working from one user friendly environment additionally minimizes extra work, duplication of work, mistakes and loss of information.

During the Bos Master Event, visitors from over 120 carpentry factories have seen Construsoft Window live in the production environment.

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Easy modeling in 3D

Model frames in 3D in just a few seconds. The software automatically generates a 3D frame from a 2D outline within seconds, while helping the user with the automatic provisions of the frame. The software is programmed to apply the glass according to the applicable standards, among others based on the height of the glass. 

2D modeling is still possible

Even though a BIM model is the most ideal base, it remains possible to add frames the traditional way. Not every work planner needs a lot of knowledge, as the software helps to create a 3D view of a 2D shape and minimizes the risk of errors. Furthermore, it is possible to import a DWG or DXF file and simply trace the outline of the frame. Moreover, office employees can tridimensionally view and check what will be produced in the factory.

Discover Construsoft Window

A complete 3D frame in just seconds! This video shows the entire process of modelling with Construsoft Window, starting with an imported reference file and ending up with the finished model.


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