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Tekla Structures for building contractors

Tekla's construction design software helps contractors manage risk and plan for a successful construction process. Detecting and avoiding problems before construction begins, minimizes expensive delay and rework. Tekla's design insight and project predictability from preconstruction to execution delivers more effective planning, coordination and control.


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Optimize the entire process

Estimation and bidding

Benefit from accurate material quantification for cost estimations and reduce risks

Design and detailing

Easily create all structures with full details and automatic clash checking

Project planning and execution

Coordinate all disciplines, resolve conflicts and plan projects before construction begins

Plan for successful construction execution

Tekla software supports your construction coordination, scheduling and sequencing. The constructable building information is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date. Tekla allows you to improve collaboration and make well-informed decisions by combining information-rich models, regardless of the file size or complexity. The software also includes tools for project review and constructability analysis, helping to identify design errors and clashes early in the process.

On site, Tekla software helps contractors answer to the everyday challenges of change management, just in time material supply and logistics, and deliver projects as planned and budgeted. You can manage and coordinate site operations and benefit from the accurate model information. Furthermore, real world layout points can be added to the Tekla model and later managed and exported to layout or survey equipment. Field measuring data can then be imported back into the model.

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