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Tekla Structures for concrete contractors

Tekla Structures supports concrete contractors from the calculation phase up to erection. Create detailed 3D models, complete with volumes, mix information, rebar types, embeds, formwork and more. You can also add additional information that is needed during the different phases of concrete construction.


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Optimize the entire process

Estimation and bidding

Quickly generate a quantity take-off of i.a. concrete and formwork zones, reducing the risks when bidding

Design and detailing

Model all types of concrete projects, including accurate pours, detailed rebar, embeds and formwork

Layout on site

Export the coordinates of layout points for i.a. pours, embeds and anchor bolts and directly import them into total stations

Planning and fabrication

Generate plannings, reports and drawings including dimensions, annotations and cross sections directly from the 3D model

Create concrete constructions with rebar and formwork

Tekla Structures contains many smart features to quickly create a 3D concrete model. Thanks to the posibility to import i.a. DWG, PDF and IFC files as a reference, other project parties' work can be used as a layunder. Furthermore, Tekla offers a library of concrete profiles, but you can also use your own concrete cross sections and profiles. Subsequently the rebar for each pour can be determined automatically. When placing formwork, you can choose elements from several suppliers next to the general formwork componenents that are available. Placing formwork is easy thanks to the placing tool, that recognizes the shape of corners, intersections, piers and wall ends, and that can automatically generate formwork between two specified points in the model. Lastly, you're able to automatically place corresponding centerpens, clamps, braces and/or platforms. 

Pour better with Tekla

Because concrete constructions are often poured in multiple phases, concrete elements can be supplied with a pouring phase number, after which Tekla automatically divides them into pours. Pours can be split into constructible concrete volumes by placing construction joints. When underlying parts change, the pours are automatically adjusted. In the online library Tekla Warehouse tools are available that generate a shell around concrete shapes, which also allow to indicate which sides need to be incorporated. These tools also work on slopes and round surfaces.  

Demo or contact?

Curious about the possibilities of Tekla for concrete contractors? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your company, illustrated by a demonstration. Fill out the contact form to make an appointment.




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