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Tekla Structures for educational institutions

Tekla Structures helps students in civil engineering, structural engineering, construction management or steel and concrete detailing understand how buildings come together. The Tekla Structures educational license program offers:

  • Unlimited annual licenses in 15 languages
  • Annual software maintenance agreement (software updates and support)
  • Interactive training material


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Teaching structural detailing with 3D models

Working with Tekla Structures, your students can easily understand how assemblies and parts come together and turn into a building. They will understand steel, wood and concrete construction and be able to work with reference models. Students can learn to detail in an efficient way with Tekla's extensive component library. Your students will learn to add details and connections to all materials, produce drawings for concrete, timber and steel framing systems, insert connections into framing components and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various systems.

Teaching construction management

Tekla software supports teaching construction coordination, quantity and cost estimation, scheduling and sequencing. The constructible Building Information Model is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date. The software allows you to simulate coordination and collaboration. The students learn to understand structures and BIM from the contractor and structural engineering viewpoint, which is important as many of today’s jobs require good BIM knowledge and skills in analysis and design.

Teaching structural engineering and 3D modeling

Tekla software allows your students to create as complex structures as they need to, using multiple materials. Models created with Tekla Structures carry accurate, reliable and detailed information, allowing structural engineers to work together with other members of the project team.

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Interested in Tekla Structures for educational institutions? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your institution, illustrated by a demonstration. Fill out the contact form to make an appointment.




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