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Tekla Structures for infrastructural contractors

Tekla Structures is a full structural workflow solution from geometry to rebar design or connection detailing, followed by steel fabrication or precast manufacturing, all the way to erection and planning of scaffolding, concrete formwork and pours on-site. And, when the revisions are updated during construction, the owner has an as-built model to be registered and used for asset management.


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Optimize the entire process


Create constructible and very detailed Building Information Models without compromising on speed or performance


Produce all documentation directly from the model, including (construction) drawings, material lists and bar bending schedules


Generate all manufacturing outputs of rebar and steel assemblies as well as total precast bridge solutions

Quick and easy design and detailing

Tekla Structures enables you to efficiently model and detail infrastructural projects, using any material: steel, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete or even timber. There's no need to start from scratch, you can import IFC objects, reference other 2D/3D CAD files or scan existing structures and use the point cloud to support modeling. Tekla offers efficient tools that have been developed specifically for infrastructural models, you can also use several ready-made profiles and components. The software facilitates easy and efficient modeling of the sub and superstructures of a bridge, with elements such as piles, foundations, piers, slabs and walls. Subsequently add geometry finishes like cuts of any shape, combine or merge concrete, line or part cuts and add chamfers. Tekla Structures is particularly valuable for reaching LOD 300-400 (Level Of Detailing). 

Advanced bridge rebar detailing

Smarter, parametric rebar detailing with Tekla Structures, regardless of size and complexity. Create your own typical components with rebar and check for clashes to ensure constructibility and prevent rebar errors in fabrication or on-site. The rebar is numbered automatically, after wich all documents are generated directly from the model and data can automatically be exported to cut-and-bend and mesh welding systems.

Demo or contact?

Curious about Tekla for infrastructural contractors? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your company, illustrated by a demonstration. Fill out the contact form to make an appointment.



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