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Tekla Structures for the timber industry

Tekla Structures enables producing a high quality, constructible model of timber structures for among others utility, residential and new construction and renovations. After adding all details and connections, Tekla Structures generates the necessary drawings, reports and production data. Afterwards, the construction can be placed with overview drawings or virtual models. Also, the coordinates of selected construction elements can be transferred directly to total stations.


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Optimize the entire process

Estimation and bidding

Quickly generate quantity take-offs, based on the 3D model. No more manual counting, Tekla does the job accurately and reduces risks when bidding.

Design and detailling

Model all types of wood structures, including wall plate connections, installation openings, grooves, ridges, dormers and gutters. This results in a digital prototype.


Generate all production data directly from the model. When using computer controlled machines, the Tekla data can be used, eliminating manual mistakes.

Quick and easy timber design

Tekla Structures enables you to model and detail any structure quickly and easily. The software offers several efficient tools that have been developed specifically for the timber industry, as well as an elaborate library with various timber solutions. It is also possible to implement custom, company specific solutions. When a third party model is already at hand, this can be used as a basis for the Tekla Structures model, relying on the latest BIM standards. 

Fabrication and erection

Documentation and communication

Tekla automatically numbers the elements and generates production lists like cutting, bolt and element lists. It also generates drawings, including dimensions, cross sections and bill of materials. Changes are managed integrally and all data is automatically updated after a model change. 

Production planning and control

Tekla Structures enables you to directly control sawing and machine tools of i.e. H&M, Hundegger, Randek, GT hechtechniek and Tigerstop. The 3D model also serves as a basis for status information, planning deliveries, optimizing material usage and generating transport lists.

Demo or contact?

Curious about Tekla for the timber industry? We are happy to discuss the possibilites for your company, illustrated by a demonstration. Fill out the contact form to make an appointment.



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