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Benefits of Trimble Connect

Safe collaboration in the cloud

Trimble Connect facilitates collaboration with the open BIM viewer and the possibility to access the required data anywhere and anytime. Trimble Connect also stands for working effectively, thanks to the built-in clash detection and team management tools.

Open BIM viewer

Trimble Connect has an advanced 3D BIM browser that can open numerous file formats. It doesn't matter in which program data and models are created. There is an integration with Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit and more. Trimble Connect can also open 3D file formats like IFC, CPA, DWG, RVT, DXF, DGN, STEP and many more. It is even possible to open combinations of files. Working with BIM was never this easy, you don't even need to install software.


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Acces your data anytime, anywhere, on any device

Cloud storage

View, manage and share information with all project stakeholders via the cloud, without limitations in cloud space. Trimble Connect ensures high data protection on all information transfer. The data generated within Trimble Connect is stored in secured databases that are backed-up daily. 

Work offline and online

Construction sites often don't have a sufficient internet connection, therefore you sometimes need offline access to information and data. The Trimble Connect Sync-tool helps to maintain local copies of all important files and information. What's important is always within hand's reach. Online and offline.

Use any device

Access your data wherever you need it. Trimble Connect can be used any device, ranging from desktop to tablet, smartphone and even a HoloLens. The Mixed Reality technology of the HoloLens lays a hologram of your model over the real world, providing accurate insight for all involved parties.

Prevent potential problems

Trimble Connect enables advanced congestion management and collision detection upfront. These features help to prevent potential problems on site or the need for undesired remodeling. This will save you time and extra costs.

Effective team management

Define roles

You can add people to your Trimble Connect project and allocate the neccessary rights to different occupational groups. Your data is secured and protected against misuse.

Complete project history

All activities are saved in the tab 'Activity': adding a file, downloading data or creating a task. With Trimble Connect you have a complete overview of all activities in the project and information that is shared.


It has never been this easy to generate reports of a 3D model, it only takes a few seconds. A predefined report is opened in Excel, for you to use as a billing document or to communicate with subcontractors.

Efficient task management

Working with a team asks for the distribution of tasks. With Trimble Connect you can allocate assignments to your team and manage these. You receive a clear list of tasks that need to be fulfilled within the given deadline.


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