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10.000 Licences sold

Construsoft hits the milestone
10,000 Tekla Structures licenses sold

Construsoft announced that it has reached the limit of 10,000 Tekla Structures licenses sold. This happened during August 2020. Construsoft is one of Trimble's largest partners in the implementation, sale and development of software products worldwide. For Construsoft, 10,000 licenses sold are a guarantee of quality customer care and confirmation of the company's stability.


Tekla Structures is a 3D BIM solution to model structures. With Tekla Structures you can create, combine, manage and distribute accurate multi-material models full of construction information. You can use Tekla Structures for design, detailing and information management from conceptual planning to fabrication and construction on site. Models created with Tekla software carry the accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful Building Information Modeling and construction execution. The rich model improves collaboration and brings high quality and profitable projects.

“This is an exciting milestone for our company,“ says the CEO of Construsoft Group Jan Fennema and continues: “I would like to say thank you to all Construsoft customers and employees worldwide. This is the result of the hard work of all of us and respect for our company's core values. I am very glad that thanks to our high standards we have many satisfied customers all over the world. However, our work does not end at this turning point. We will continue to improve our processes so that we can deliver high added value for the customer with our products and services.“

About Construsoft

With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, Construsoft grew to a leading supplier and developer of BIM & VDC-solutions and related services. In many countries in Europe and South America, Construsoft is the local partner of Trimble, rapidly expanding with Trimble-software and other open solutions. Construsoft HQ is located in the Netherlands, with local offices around the world for seamless coordination with the local customer needs. Construsoft is there to help you advance by sharing knowledge and digital tools, optimizing the digital driven building industry together with customers. Construsoft aims to increase the construction industry’s productivity through effective digitalized and model based construction and supply chain management solutions.  


Construsoft HQ
Hengelder 16, Zevenaar, The Netherlands 
(+31) 316 200 000 


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