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  Construsoft will present 4 lectures at Trimble Dimensions in Vegas for the first time in history!

Trimble Dimensions 2023, the largest user conference of Trimble, will be enriched this year with four contributions from Construsoft. Martin Maťašovský, Board Member & Head of Products, and Jan Princ, Lead Developer, will be making their debut in Las Vegas. Both will deliver two presentations, adding to an already jam-packed program full of innovative and systemic solutions. "Challenges have become a thing of the past; it's time to talk about solutions" is one of the slogans of this prestigious event this year. 

From 6th to 8th November, thousands of experts and enthusiasts of cutting-edge technologies will gather in Vegas to share their knowledge and experiences. Let's not forget last year's appearance by the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and the extensive offsite expo exhibition. Trimble Dimensions 2023 undoubtedly has a lot to offer! 

Below are more details about the authors and their contributions at Trimble Dimensions 2023. 

Discover all the open API options that také your work with Trimble Connect to the next level. (Y-1725) 

Open API for Trimble Connect has a big chance to be a game-changer for managing projects in the Construction industry. Open API gives you unlimited options to extend the functionality of Trimble Connect, both way synchronization and data transfer. This session presents the big potential of development for Trimble Connect from a technical perspective on real business cases and needs. 

Objective 1: Say what is possible to reach with Trimble Connect API. 
Objective 2: Recognize the beneficts of Trimble Connect API. 
Objective 3: Decide best bussines oportunities of TC API. 

Jan Princ, Lead Developer, Construsoft Group 

Take the benefits of Tekla Structures Open API for your future (Y-1726) 

Tekla Open API is an Application Programming interface that allows 3rd party applications to integrate and communicate within the Tekla Structures modelling and drawing environment. In this session, there will be presented, how we developed the tools we offer to Tekla Structures users. You will leave this session with the essential knowledge of the power of Tekla Structures Open API. 

Objective 1: Explore the powers of Tekla Open API. 
Objective 2: Find the best scenarios where to use Tekla Open API. 
Objective 3: Learn real Tekla Open API use cases. 

Jan Princ, Lead Developer, Construsoft Group 

Advance of Open CDE and collaboration between parties in building industry (Y-1724) 

More and more emphasis are placed on open CDE. Cooperation between different entities within construction projects is inevitable. In this section, we'll show on real example how to use the power of the Trimble Connect API to connect everything with other systems. Not only data synchronization, but also synchronization of users, permissions, workflow, and document statuses. Open CDE is key for parties’ collaboration. Trimble Connect is fully ready for it. 

Objective 1: Experience the power of the Trimble Connect open solution. 
Objective 2: Connect Trimble Connect with your systems. 
Objective 3: Connecting two different CDE systems? YES! 

Martin Maťašovský, Board member, Head of Products, Construsoft Group 


Extensions for Trimble Connect due to power Open API solution (Y-1723) 

We made full use of Trimble Connect Open API capabilities to program the necessary and missing functionalities. In this session, extensions such as Document Workflow, Project Manager and others will be presented, which were developed for the needs of more efficient collaboration on projects within the excellent product Trimble Connect. We will present all from user perspective. Manage your building project better with Trimble Connect! 

Objective 1: Breaks down the barriers and limits of the Trimble Connect. 
Objective 2: Learn how to take full advantage of the CDE solution. 
Objective 3: Effective project management with Trimble Connect. 

Martin Maťašovský, Board member, Head of Products, Construsoft Group 

Martin Maťašovský 
Board Member & Head of Products at Construsoft Group. Specializing in CDE solutions' analysis, implementation & development. Degrees from Brno University of Technology & Dominican University in Chicago. Passionate advocate for openBIM, openCDE, and openAPI. Active in professional organizations. BuildingSMART International - Foundation Basic certification holder. 

Jan Princ 
Master`s degree in Computer science. Lead Developer in Construsoft. Managing Tekla Structures Open API and Trimble Connect API extensions development. 


Martin Maťašovský
Martin Maťašovský
Jan Princ
Jan Princ

Trimble Dimensions 2023/ 6.-8. November 2023 / The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. More information:  


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