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From 2020 support and download of Tekla BIMsight will become unavailable 

BIM in the cloud

In November 2019, Trimble has announced that from 2020 it will no longer be possible to download Tekla BIMsight and that there will be no more support and developments. The most important reason for the definitive termination of the Tekla BIMsight software is that the modern successor is already available for free: Trimble Connect. Trimble Connect for Desktop is our new product replacing Tekla BIMsight effective immediately. Trimble Connect for Desktop is a free desktop software that is a central component of Trimble’s offering and will enable you to work on your models, point clouds and other information on your PC or laptop.

Tekla BIMsight has grown exponentially from 2011 under the guise "BIM for everyone" to software that is now used by thousands of construction professionals every day. The most important pillars of the software - free availability and high user-friendliness - have been adopted in the development of Trimble Connect.

Trimble Connect is designed to easily upload and share documents, drawings and 3D model information. Users can, among other things, add images, videos, PDF, Word and Excel files to projects, but also open and combine BIM models. For those who mainly use Tekla BIMsight as a viewer, it is a small step to the free desktop version of Trimble Connect, where the simplicity and speed of the patented viewer will appeal to the imagination. Various construction companies have been using Trimble Connect for years, and many Tekla Structures companies experience the benefits of integrating Tekla Structures and Trimble Connect.

Simple transfer from Tekla BIMsight to Trimble Connect

As a local partner of Trimble, we try to make the transition from current Tekla BIMsight users to Trimble Connect as easy as possible. A separate page has been set up with a step-by-step plan and various instructional videos to help you on your way. There you can find how projects in Tekla BIMsight can be transferred to Trimble Connect.

Trimble Connect offers various benefits and is available in different variants, making the software flexible for every company. The cloud service also provides the possibility to easily view and share models and project data on any device, including a PC or laptop, but also a smartphone or tablet. 

Trimble will continue to provide online support through the Tekla BIMsight Help Center until December 31, 2019. From January 1, 2020, the latest version of Tekla BIMsight can still be used, but no support is given anymore. If you would like to continue using Tekla BIMsight, it is recommended to update the software to the latest version before the end of the year. Construsoft advises everyone to try the free version of Trimble Connect. 

Trimble Connect for Desktop and Tekla BIMsight features comparison

Comparison Trimble Connect Tekla BIM Sight


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