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Software maintenance

Maintenance of your software secures your productivity with high quality user support, the latest software developments and additional tools. Stay up-to-date and get back-up from professionals, whenever you need it. Maintenance, updates and support will help you to work as efficient as possible and get the most out of your software. 


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Local, high quality user support

When working on a building project, you could run into questions regarding the software. One major advantage when on maintenance is that you can call our helpdesk team for support whenever you run into issues. They know the software inside out and help our customers find constructive solutions or help set up the software to company-specific needs. With local support, our customers work without major delays or software concerns.

Increase your productivity

Customers on maintenance have the most up-to-date version of the software at hand. All new versions, updates, features and improvements, regional environment installations and service releases are included in maintenance. So when on maintenance, you will increase your productivity over time and gain time and cost advantages. 

Stay informed with our events

With the maintenance program, you can attend several local events for free. During these events, we inform you about the latest trends, market possibilities, new features, updates and developments in software. It is the perfect opportunity to meet various specialists and software developers, or to discuss experiences and opportunities with peers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Extra online tools for Tekla Structures on maintenance

Maintenance brings you additional tools that respond to specific needs in an agile way. 

Tekla User Assistance

The Tekla User Assistance is only available when on maintenance. It provides an online support environment with extensive support articles, product guides, instructional videos and extensive help to keep Tekla Structures users going at all times.  

Tekla User Assistance
Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Warehouse offers a wealth of add-ons, libraries and templates for Tekla Structures users. Many of the applications are developed by companies in construction industry to speed up and ease daily work, for example transferring data into manufacturing.

Tekla Warehouse

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Interested in our maintenance program? Contact an office near you or fill out the form to hear about the possibilities.



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