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Trimble Connect e-learning
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BIM Management: Common Data Environment with Trimble Connect

We have prepared an open training course for Trimble Connect. The Collaborative Environment course is completely free and will help you get started with the Trimble Connect BIM solution. In a few videos, you'll learn how to work with a 3D model, create tasks, share documents and more. E-learning introduces you to Trimble Connect web, desktop and mobile platforms.

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  1. Use of software from the basic level to the most advanced level
  2. Work collaboratively
  3. Collaborative projects with greater traceability
  4. Work with the latest version of your project on-site
  1. Download a complete Trimble Connect manual
  2. Exclusive online content
  3. Optimize workflows and information management
  4. Get your certificate in BIM Management: Common Data Environment with Trimble Connect 

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