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Your Trimble Connect Business license

Trimble Connect is FREE for every user of Tekla Structures with maintenance or Tekla rent. Trimble Connect is the new way of collaboration and sharing information about BIM projects for architects, engineers, general contractors, investors & owners. Trimble Connect is developed for uploading & sharing documents, drawings and 3D BIM. Users have a lot of features, including adding images, videos, PDFs, Word and Excel files to projects and also open & combine BIM models in more formats. Thanks to the website, desktop and mobile platforms, you have your data available from anywhere you need.

Five steps to Trimble Connect

Step 1

Step 1

Adding a license

The administrator of the company, which has the right to access Tekla Account (ATC), in this system, he may seek for active Trimble Connect Business licenses. In this system, it is needed to assign each license to a correct employee of your company.

Step 2

Creating a Trimble Identity

If you already have the Trimble Identity, skip this step. If you not, create one in a few seconds. When you're done, easily activate your account by clicking the link in your email address, we sent you. Your account will be ready.

Step 3

Download Trimble Connect

If you have your Trimble Identity account created, you can now choose one of the available options for downloading the desktop application. After you fill the data, Trimble Connect for Desktop will begin downloading immediately. Continue with the installation of the program on your device. When the program starts, sign in with your Trimble Identity Account.

Download Trimble Connect 64bit | Download Trimble Connect 32bit 

Step 4

Signing in

You are now able to sign in to desktop or web application Trimble Connect with your Trimble ID. If you're signing in for the first time, you will be prompted to fill more pieces of information, such as address.

Step 5

Let's start

Let's start with the Trimble Connect at full blast! See a short video, where we show you what Trimble Connect for Desktop is capable of. You may change the language of the application by clicking "setting" in the right upper corner. You can also download the mobile version of Trimble Connect, so you have your data ready whenever and wherever. 

Please check also our fantastic e-learning course! More information below...

Free e-learning course

We have prepared an open training course for Trimble Connect. The Collaborative Environment course is completely free and will help you get started with the Trimble Connect BIM solution. In a few videos, you'll learn how to work with a 3D model, create tasks, share documents and more. E-learning introduces you to Trimble Connect web, desktop and mobile platforms.

More info and registration

Why choose Trimble Connect?

Cloud storage

Keep your data safe and accessible anywhere and anytime with unlimited cloud storage

Open BIM viewer

Work with numerous file formats without needing to install any software

Online and offline

Access your data online and offline with local copies and the sync tool

Any device

Use any device to access your data, even utilize Mixed Reality to take models into the real world

All benefits

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. 


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