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Tekla Structures for the precast concrete industry

Tekla for precast concrete enables you to create a high quality constructible design of concrete constructions. All precast concrete elements can be developed up to production level. Tekla Structures also produces the necessary drawings, embeds, bending schedules and machine files.


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Optimize your entire process

Estimation and bidding

Quickly generate an overview of the used element types and quantities. No more manual counting, the accurately generated quantity take-off reduces risks when bidding.

Design and detailing

Tekla allows you to model all types of precast structures complete with connections, concrete embeds and even the most complex rebar. By fully detailing, you can create a digital prototype.


Extract all production data (including rebar) directly from the model. The software also integrates with precast concrete and rebar production machinery.

Planning and coordination

Utilize object data and location information to plan erection sequences, crane locations and resources. It is also possible to add scheduling and sequence information to the model.

Easily create precast elements

Tekla enables you to easily model and edit beams, columns, walls and floors. The software includes several smart tools developed especially for the precast industry and provides an elaborate library of profiles, connections and embeds. It is possible to extend the default functionalities for company specific situations with the custom creation of parametric user components. Thanks to the possibility to insert several file formats, other project parties' work can be used as underlay for the Tekla design.


Reinforce your concrete with Tekla

Tekla offers elaborate facilities for placing and editing rebar in concrete elements. Multiple rebars can be placed simultaneously, with the rebar layers being linked to eachother. When changing the concrete shape and coverage, the rebar automatically adapts even if it is copied to an other similar element. Lastly, the clash check uncovers potential problems, preventing rebar to clash with each other or with embeds.

Fabrication and erection


Generate drawings and lists of i.a. embeds and bending states directly from the 3D model. Elements and parts are numbered automatically and all documents are updated after each model change.

Shipment and installation planning

Thanks to extra entry fields for i.a. installation time, delivery date and assembly number, it's possible to plan shipments and installation operations.

Fabrication planning and management

Tekla Structures includes a planning tool for production tables. Furthermore, it's possible to control the the fabrication by importing production data generated in Tekla directly into the machine.

Exchanging data

Determine what data needs to be exported and share the model in IFC format with other parties. There is also an integration available with several ERP packages.

Proud users

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