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Construsoft and Green Park Investment Partners
announce strategic partnership


Construsoft, a global leader in delivering Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions, announces its strategic partnership with Green Park Investment Partners. This partnership ensures that Construsoft remains at the forefront of the rapidly expanding construction software sector. With over 25 years of industry expertise, more than 2.500 customers across 30 countries, served through a network of 15 local offices in Europe and South America, Construsoft stands as the largest value-added reseller of Trimble’s Tekla Structures. The software is used for complex constructible structural projects, including the realisation of iconic landmarks such as Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, home base of Real Madrid, and’s headquarters in Amsterdam.

The construction industry is experiencing a remarkable transformation driven by the adoption of BIM solutions. BIM encourages collaboration among various construction experts - such as architects, construction workers, and engineers - and promotes sustainability by proactively averting costly errors. This transformative approach has not only reshaped industry standards, but has also become an integral part of university curricula, accelerating its widespread adoption. By utilising the advantages of BIM, industry experts anticipate that complete digitisation in the coming decade could lead to savings of up to $1 trillion, with further growth on the horizon - a trend recognised by Green Park Investment Partners. Construsoft's partnership with Green Park Investment Partners further positions the company to seize the growing opportunities within the BIM landscape. While Tekla and other software products from Trimble will remain at the core of Construsoft’s solutions, the company aims to broaden and diversify the range of software solutions on offer. Gideon Cramwinckel, partner at Green Park Investment Partners continues: "Tekla continuously raises the bar for true collaboration with all stakeholders in complex projects, at the highest possible level of detail. Construsoft clearly stands out as a true value added reseller, as it empowers its customers to make the best use of Tekla and other BIM software at a global scale, whilst making a difference with their local support and trainings."

To ensure continuity, Construsoft's co-founders Jan Fennema and Eric Vanmechelen will continue in their current roles as CEO and CTO. Jan Fennema said: "Construsoft's commitment to providing top-notch service and software solutions to advance the construction industry's digitalisation remains unchanged. Our partnership with Green Park Investment Partners, known for their extensive expertise in software products and services, will play a crucial role in shaping Construsoft's future in the accelerated digitalisation of the industry.”

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