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Optimizing the world of steel. ConstruSteel.

Reduce failure costs and increase efficiency by optimizing your steel fabrication process with ConstruSteel | Steel fabrication software. Discover the power of ConstruSteel’s easy-to-use and independent structural steel fabrication software.


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Automate your steel fabrication flow

3D BIM Import

Automate the import of engineered structural steel
in your 3D BIM model.

Optimize material use

ConstruSteel nests steel beams, bars
and flat bars in just a few seconds.

Purchase orders

Easily calculate the sizes required for the steel beams,
bars or flat bars to fabricate.

Production data

Generate digital cutting lists and automated
machine files for the workshop.

Improved efficiency and quality for steel fabrication companies

  • Optimize material use with advanced bar nesting
  • Over 75% time saving for preparing production
  • Easily manage purchase orders
  • Efficient deployment of fabrication machines
  • Transform BIM into DSTV+, PNI or digital cutting lists


Quickly and easily transform BIM into production data

ConstruSteel Online quickly and easily transforms BIM into usable production data. After a simple BIM import, the ConstruSteel bar nesting software optimizes the most efficient material use in just a few seconds, taking your own stock, supplier lengths and available machines into account. After purchasing and delivery of the required material, all machine data and digital cutting lists will be released for production in the workshop.

ConstruSteel generates DSTV+ (standardised .nc1 file) and PNI (for Ficep machines) file formats for controlling steel fabrication machines. This ensures all the cutting information can be sent to all the machines (e.g. Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer or Daito).

Steel fabrication software solutions

Advanced Scribing ConstruSteel

Advanced Scribing

Easily generate scribing lines/layout marking on steel profiles and plates for quick & easy assembly in the workshop.
Included: Tekla integration and machine control for scribing.

ConstruSteel Online

ConstruSteel Online

Advanced bar nesting software to optimize material use (such as steel beams and flat bars) for less waste and efficient production.
Included: Tekla integration and machine control for cutting.

We're not the only ones excited about ConstruSteel | Steel fabrication software

During the development of our company we were looking for software that uses information from Tekla to give us information for purchasing material, beam nesting and fabrication of the structural steel project. After comparing several of the leading software solutions, ConstruSteel was rated as the best and most powerful.

Advanced Steel Fabrications

It’s very clear the ConstruSteel software is developed from the practice of a steel fabricator. The link with Tekla, the ability to interconnect with all types of machines and to control technical properties of CNC machines makes ConstruSteel unique for Lecor. It’s the most important tool within our company.

Lecor Stålteknik AB

With our scribing/layout marking machine, all preparations for the welder (layout marking of steel profiles and plates) are done automatically. ConstruSteel’s solution Advanced Scribing for Tekla ensures the machine runs at its most efficient. It’s a must for every steel fabricator and service centre as the solution pays back itself.

Hutten Metaal Staalbouw
The Netherlands

Demo or contact?

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