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Tekla 2024 Structural BIM Software

Collaboration is one of the deciding factors for the success of BIM. The 2024 Tekla versions include industry-standard communications improvements that allow users to deliver required documentation and model information...

Trimble signs cooperation agreements with Tekla Structures product-platform partners to advance new specialized construction applications

Trimble Solutions has signed cooperation agreements with specialized building and construction companies to benefit the digitalization of their specific businesses as well as the construction industry at large. 

Costly and ineffective: Why is it time to ditch paper and 2D drawings?

Digital BIM-based structural workflow programs are making 2D drawings obsolete. They allow engineers to make live changes and share content, saving time, money and resources.

Using 3D models increases production...

Making rebar detailing an ingredient of your construction project overall success

When building concrete structures, rebar design should be accurate. Otherwise, you end up with costly errors and on-site clashes that slow you down and risk the entire building.

All project types and sizes, even specialized projects

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for all types of projects. Speed up your work with an extensive library of standard connections for different types of projects.

Trimble and One Click LCA collaborate to provide embodied carbon calculations

Trimble announced that it has entered into a collaboration with One Click LCA that enables users of Trimble’s Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to calculate carbon emissions at different phases...

Tekla Structures 2021 solutions

Trimble introduced today the latest versions of its Tekla software solutions for constructible Building Information Modeling (BIM), structural engineering and steel fabrication management—Tekla Structures 2021, Tekla Structural Designer 2021, Tekla...

Three Methods for Fostering Communication with the Client

I recently read a post on LinkedIn from an executive search firm that read, “The best thing you can do to keep candidates interested in and enthusiastic about your opportunity...

Accuracy, Speed, and Enhanced Collaboration: The Structural Engineers' Joys of Using 3D Modeling

In the engineering world, accuracy, speed, and smooth collaboration are key to success. 3D modeling tools offer clear benefits in all of these areas, which are also reflected in the...


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