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Making rebar detailing an ingredient of your construction project overall success

When building concrete structures, rebar design should be accurate. Otherwise, you end up with costly errors and on-site clashes that slow you down and risk the entire building.

All project types and sizes, even specialized projects

Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for all types of projects. Speed up your work with an extensive library of standard connections for different types of projects.

Tekla BIM Awards global 2022 - Vote begun!

The Tekla BIM Awards honor projects that transform the way the world builds. Along with innovative users, Tekla software plays a vital role in creating outstanding structures and developing the...

Trimble and One Click LCA collaborate to provide embodied carbon calculations

Trimble announced that it has entered into a collaboration with One Click LCA that enables users of Trimble’s Tekla Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to calculate carbon emissions at different phases...

Transforming the Construction of North Sea Oil Platforms

Norwegian offshore constructor Aibel has put Tekla software at the heart of its work designing and manufacturing oil platforms. Aibel’s ongoing project for the massive Johan Sverdrup field is a...

Costly and ineffective: Why is it time to ditch paper and 2D drawings?

Digital BIM-based structural workflow programs are making 2D drawings obsolete. They allow engineers to make live changes and share content, saving time, money and resources.

A transmission tower – a true combination of art and engineering

“This project is fascinating! It shows how art and engineering come together to turn a prosaic structure into an exhilarating experience,” says Aarni Heiskanen, a construction expert and member...

Why Modular Construction is the Building Method of the Future

By 2023, the global modular construction market will be worth US$157.19bn. While China leads the world in modular product production, the method is praised by US and European construction companies...


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